Social & Moral Responsibility

As stated in our Roadmap and official website :

"10 ETH donation to any charity chosen by the community by DAO voting via snapshot with voting points from $Roses & Neocardz. "

  • We want our community to decide together by using for the first time our $ROSES for voting on where the funds need to be donated with more urgency. There will be various proposals to choose from and the one with most votes will be the elected. Creating a standard transparent voting system for DAO communities world wide.

"10 ETH donation to the community by "sweeping the floor" on opensea, buying back NFTs for future community giveaways.

  • By re-purchasing our own Neocard NFTs on the secondary market and redistributing them as rewards to our community members for participating in community events, we make sure the supply is held with loyal members of the project.

Giving back to our community and the world is our top priority.

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