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NeoEden´s Secret Cardz

There are 10000 Secret Cardz to discover in the near future!

With our interactive web3 features on our website, you can practice one of the oldest and most secret rituals in the Realm. Having both a King & Queen, plus burning 500 $Roses at the Altar , you will be able to summon a secret card , revealing a future new royal members! Although there are many secrets yet to discover for the community about these pristine Neocardz.

NeoEden´s Voxels

A new line of voxel NFTs are planned, expanding our world to other metaverses like the “sandbox” or “Galaxy Fight Club” integrating community shared environment for you and your assets. Claim your NeoEden´s Voxel NFT by burning $ROSES at the altar once they are released.

Distinguish yourself with an elegant and classy avatar for your metaverse presence.

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