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What´s the Neo Edens Realm community about?

Born from fantasy, brought to reality, Neo Edens Realm aims to be a standard for future communities by having impactful decisions driven by its members through NFT technology & DAO solutions, having the project a life of its own thanks to the members that compose and support it.

What are NeoCardz?

NeoCardz are the visual representation and verification of citizenship in Neo Eden´s Realm. Its image captured in the shape of a traditional playing card, framing each individual with their own unique personality traits to exhibit.

How were NeoCardz originally created?

NeoEden´s Realms origins are inspired from a utopic fantasy world, brought to life with a modern twist involving tangible blockchain community solutions, each NFT asset is carefully hand drawn and programed by our brilliant world wide team!

What is the maximum number of Neocardz available?

There will be a maximum of 2500 Queens, 2500 Kings , 5 Legendary Jokers & 10.000 future Secret Cardz to discover.

Where can I get NeoCardz?

We plan to launch our mint day Q2 2022, for 0.0777 ETH each, max 4 per wallet.

What are $Roses?

$ROSES token is an ERC-20 token that is being used for various tasks inside Neo Edens Realm ecosystem. They are burnt at the Summoners Altar to change the name and bio of your NeoCardz or to summon Secret Cards

Where can I get $ROSES?

Kings & Queens will be able to claim for the first time 100$Roses each and then will receive 5 $Roses a day for a period of 5 years. $Roses will also be available on Sushiswap, alongside its liquidity pool feature .

What is the Summoners Altar?

A mysterious Altar in the Realm where you can summon a new Secret Card NFT, if you own a King and a Queen + burn 500$Roses.

What are Secret Cardz ?

A secret NFT Collection to be discovered by the community.

For more information visit our website : https://neoeden.io/