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Last updated - 12 May 2022

NeoEden´s Kings

A collection of 2500 PFP NFTs of diverse Kings of NeoEden´s Realm, each one with their own unique personality, traits and elegance. These NFTs are used as proof of citizenship in the realm, a type of passport, shaped in the form of a traditional playing card. Every Neoeden King has a diverse set of assets that gives it a different level of rarity, from common trinkets to enchanted card frames, even discover special Neoeden NFT Kings that are blessed with special powers!

NeoEden´s Queens

As the word Queen itself defines, they are the royal female members of the Realm. They are the many Queens that habit the Realm, their identity sealed in the form of a traditional game card used as proof of citizenship and passport in the Realm. Each Neoeden Queen card represents their own personality and traits, some more elegant or glamorous, others more seducing or cute. Queens are the perfect PFP NFT, displaying high quality elegant female art, which is rare to find among these types of NFTs. You are also able to give your Queen a custom name and biography, making the perfect gift to personify or dedicate to someone. There are only 2500 in existence, out of millions of different combinations. Some rare NFT Queens are even “blessed” or “cursed”, extraordinary Queens with mythical special powers.

NeoEden´s Jokers

Neoeden´s Legendary Jokers are the magical Jesters of the realm, They are the holy spirits of the Realm enchanted with five unique elements. Each Legendary Joker NFT is a 1/1 unique art piece of extreme rarity with secret special utilities for the community to discover and unlock. The only way to obtain one is by winning first prize in the Neoeden legendary Joker Lottery or bidding on the other four at the timed auction on Opensea held after launch.

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